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  • Mark Ovaska

    Mark Ovaska

    Serial entrepreneur and photojournalist. Husband, father, global citizen.

  • Matt Trice

    Matt Trice

    I am a designer that loves to make cool stuff. My focus is on visual web design, UI & UX design, and good ol fashioned illustration, print, and logo design.

  • Rob Rivera

    Rob Rivera

  • Kevin Chappell

    Kevin Chappell

  • Stephen Ajulu

    Stephen Ajulu

    Front End Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Researcher, Content Creator, Entrepreneur and Ethical Hacker

  • Eric Schrock

    Eric Schrock

    CTO at Jvion. Father, creator of things, and leader of teams. AI, health, and data. He/him. Former CTO at Delphix.

  • Alexandre Magno Teles

    Alexandre Magno Teles

    Citizen Scientist and Software Engineer, looking for the limits beyond mind and machine exploring the world

  • Tianhao Zhou

    Tianhao Zhou

    A boba a day keeps bugs away. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tianhaoz

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